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TIPS for our Iron On Labels

We've been making and selling Iron On labels for over 20 years now and in that time we've seen lots of other types of labels come and go on the market. 

What was the main thing they wanted? - To make sure the Iron On labels stay STUCK! This is the most important thing for a label - to stay put for years and years through wash after wash.


We guarantee that if applied properly our Iron on labels will do this - and we continue to regularly test our material to make sure it does. Our machines and our material are specifically designed for making iron on labels for clothing.

Here is a quick guide on how to make sure your iron on labels stay on. 

1. Iron your label as per the included instructions with your packet. (Delicate fabrics - see BELOW) 
2. Wait for the garment and the label to cool down (sometimes up to 5 minutes)
3. Then try and pick the label off your garment at the edges using your fingernail
4. If it comes up easily, then you have not used enough heat. Don't worry though -
5. Re-iron your labels at a higher heat, directly on top of your label. No cover. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE. Do not use an auto thermostat iron without individual heat settings, even when set to DRY. An auto thermostat iron just has a dial, no settings.  Unfortunately, they will not heat up sufficiently to seal our labels.  A standard, home iron, set to COTTON or LINEN works every time! 

Our Iron on labels are specifically made for naming clothes and need no transfer paper or any fancy application method. Anybody who can operate an ordinary iron can apply our iron on labels - it's that easy.

Every iron is different so it's hard to give an exact temperature or setting to use. A high heat setting, like cotton, with no steam is our recommendation. 

How can you tell if they are properly applied?

iron.png   Your iron on label needs enough heat to activate the glue. That's all!

You will be able to tell because our iron on labels are literally ironed into the garment and you will not be able to pick at the edges. You can see that the backing glue has been activated and the label has pretty much become part of the garment. They will last on regular school uniforms, school uniforms for boarding school, rest homes or retirement home garments. Our iron on clothing labels will last even with those who use commercial grade washing and drying machines. We guarantee it! 

Tips for DELICATE fabrics.

 Many delicate fabrics are suited to short bursts of heat. Pre-iron the spot where you are going to put the label.
 Place your label on the garment and press for SHORT periods of time, to protect the fabric.  PRESS, then lift the iron. PRESS, then lift the iron. 

OR you can use kitchen baking paper to protect your material but not a cloth. The heat must get through to your label to melt the glue and a cloth, even a thin cloth, will usually stop the heat too much. If you use baking paper,  make sure your iron is at a good cotton heat, to go through. Sometimes you need to increase your heat a tiny bit,  if using baking paper rather than ironing directly on to the label itself. 

Your iron on labels pack comes with a TIP SHEET, to help you with different fabrics.  


Label socks on the SOLE, ie under the foot. Put the label toe to heel - not across the sock.  This avoids the stretch.  Excellent results with socks. 


Your NAME IT LABELS are fantastic and UNIQUE.
They are especially designed for AGED CARE and for use in commercial wash.  We often get people phoning us to ask is there anyway to get them off!  That's how well they stay on.

The difference with NAME IT Iron on labels is that you can iron directly onto your label at any time.  This is helpful when ironing after washing your garment.  

Other iron on labels on the market have a plastic feel that you cannot let your iron touch directly, and this makes it difficult to iron a shirt.  Our labels are a cotton/polyester mix and you can iron over them at any time.